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Vita can assist in your international sales management , as business designer, as trader and problem solver with a specific attitude to be a deal maker. Vita is concentrate on your business and outsource your needs. We help your business grow worldwide by rationalising trading administration and branding marketing aspects.

Vita support logistic operations worldwide with several partners on all Europe. Our preferred partner is NEELE - VAT

Vita is focused on maintaining a long term personal and human relationship in the business world, extremely results driven and with a voluntary limited number of customers where donate a full service and confidentiality. We use the Netherlands as a European base for your development. We assist and accompany the Board of Directors activities. We structure Financing & Implement Daily Management decision.


Our main services are

Agency for broker services
VITA act as a professional company that acts as in intermediary between buyers and sellers for brokerage services as labor intermediation services, commercial services, commodities market, exclusive vehicles and more. READ MORE
VITA act also as a Sales Agent on behalf or on its own as exporting company introducing its products to potential buyers also in fair trade business for high quality standards markets. We work in partnership, based on dialogue, transparency and respect of all general rules.
VITA has a long relationship with many Automotive suppliers and customers and thanks to a great worldwide net we can offer multiple offers and open scenario for your final decision. READ MORE
Any Automotive parts or semi/finished structure can be treated and analyse. We can go to small thousand parts to single part handling with the same professionality for long relationship or for one shot business in special and specific cases.
Automation & Security
In the modern industry, Automation is the base of the success matching quality and production costs. In this part of our activities we can cover full lines of production as far part of it or spare parts. Automation require generally dedicated technical acquisition understanding the problems . READ MORE
VITA has the possibility to involve qualified engineering for the best research and requests We can give a perfect evaluation of what we are searching . Final goal is offer a full reliable constant service over a turn key solution. Security is also a big part of Automation. Safe doors, safe handling systems, safe packages, security softwares, components for video surveillance.
VITA, thanks to the support of experts, can assist you on develop and protect your image, to optimise your organisation, to simplify the day-to-day administration and many more support worldwide tailor made.
Vita works since years in NL with well know partners in logistic operation and can support on create logistic project worldwide . From import to export we can add several extra taylor made services inside our activities. Vita can advice or co-work with customers in order to support them for a full turn key process.
Our preferred partner is NEELE-VAT
Branding and Broadcasting
In order to give a complete turn key service VITA can work to develop on Branding operation and Broadcasting information. We are doing web site, software installation, Mac support on installation and assistance. Preferred Mac partner : .
Creative designers: Chiara Vercesi .
Real estate
In the recent years VITAMS act as intermediary between clients and "Makelaars" and we are proud to say that we meet very often customer expectation . We do analyse market values of proprieties to be sold, listing the property to prospective buyers. We stay close to customers advising regards to offers and related matters. READ MORE
Our intermediation is done from both sides on selling and buying proprieties with negotiating inspections and negotiating repairs. The full support include also all financial operation connected and Bank agreements.
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